Active@ Boot Disk - A Comprehensive Solution for Data Recovery and System Maintenance


In our increasingly digital world, there is nothing more frustrating than encountering a computer system malfunction or accidentally deleting important files. These situations can be a nightmare, leaving us scrambling for solutions to recover lost data or repair our systems. However, with Active@ BootDisk, users can equip themselves with a powerful toolset to tackle these challenges efficiently and effectively.

So, what exactly is a boot disk?

A boot disk is an external storage device, often a USB stick or CD/DVD, that contains an operating system and various software tools. It allows users to start up their computers when the operating system installed on their hard drive is inaccessible or corrupted. Active@ BootDisk is a remarkable solution that offers a range of advanced software applications designed to address data recovery, system maintenance, and password management needs. Here are the most important tools included in Active@ Boot Disk:


One of the many remarkable features of Active@ BootDisk is Active@ Undelete, a robust file recovery utility. Accidental deletion of files, formatting errors, or even a complete partition loss can be devastating. Active@ Undelete steps in as a savior in these moments, enabling users to retrieve their lost files with ease. The software employs intelligent algorithms to scan storage media and locate recoverable files, even in the most dire circumstances.

Active@ KillDisk

Another valuable tool embedded within Active@ BootDisk is Active@ KillDisk. This utility is indispensable when it comes to securely erasing sensitive data. Whether you need to wipe clean a single drive, an entire partition, or even an entire storage device, Active@ KillDisk ensures that no traces of the deleted data remain. Rest assured that your confidential information remains permanently and irreversibly erased, protecting your privacy and preventing unauthorized data recovery.

Active@ Disk Image

Active@ Disk Image is yet another essential component of Active@ BootDisk, offering a reliable solution for creating complete byte-by-byte backup images of your hard drives or other storage devices. These backup images can be essential in case of system crashes or hardware failures. With Active@ Disk Image, you can restore your system quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and preventing potential data loss.

Active@ File Recovery

Active@ File Recovery is designed specifically for the recovery of lost or accidentally deleted files from various storage media, including hard drives, USB drives, and even optical media. Using advanced scanning algorithms, this powerful tool can identify and restore a wide range of file formats, ensuring no precious data is permanently lost.

Active@ Partition Recovery

Active Partition Recovery is yet another indispensable utility in the Active@ BootDisk software suite. It excels at retrieving lost or deleted partitions, reconstructing the file system structures, and allowing users to access valuable data that seemed otherwise unrecoverable. Whether a partition was accidentally deleted or due to catastrophic system failures, Active Partition Recovery helps users regain access to their lost data with minimal effort.

Active@ Password Changer

Rounding off the impressive lineup of software applications included with Active@ BootDisk is Active@ Password Changer. This utility provides a straightforward means of resetting forgotten or lost administrator and user passwords on Windows systems. No longer will a forgotten password lock you out of your own system; Active@ Password Changer offers an easy and efficient way to regain access and resume using your computer without hindrance.


Active@ BootDisk offers an all-in-one solution for data recovery, system maintenance, and password management. With its comprehensive suite of embedded software applications such as Active@ Undelete, Active@ KillDisk, Active@ Disk Image, Active@ File Recovery, Active Partition Recovery, and Active@ Password Changer, users can approach any unforeseen data loss or system malfunction with confidence. Whether you are an IT professional, a home user, or a computer enthusiast, Active@ BootDisk is an invaluable asset in your arsenal, ensuring that you regain control of your data and system promptly and effectively.

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