Introducing Active@ Boot Disk TinyCore

TinyCore is a mini-OS based on Linux Kernel. It usually comes in a small installation size (around 10-20MB) and therefore it features a minimalist design while additional functionalities can be installed with extensions.


We at LSoft Technologies have recognized in communication with our customers the need for a bootdisk operating system with a “minimalist flavor” which is based on the Linux kernel. Therefore we have created a console bootdisk while adding our adapted software into it. Active@ Boot Disk TinyCore is part of our Active@ BootDisk Suite which features two products: an ordinary version of Active@ BootDisk and TinyCore. That being said, with all our software packed in, TinyCore ISO is not bigger than 30MB. Installation of Active@ Boot Disk Console (TinyCore) is the same as with any other bootdisk that is developed by us. After the download and installation, simply run BootDisk Creator, choose the drive where you want to install it as well as the ISO file. When your drive is ready, to boot TinyCore OS from it, you will need to restart your computer, enter the BIOS settings and set the drive where you have installed TinyCore for the next boot.


Once you’re in the TinyCore OS you will see the opening screen. In it, you can observe your drives and their basic details as well as our preinstalled software: Password Changer, Hex Editor, File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Disk Image, and KillDisk. The appearance might look basic but the functionality is there! For traversing between different objects you can use arrow keys on your keyboard, but to save time we have also implemented certain keyboard shortcuts.

Active Boot Disk TinyCore

In the File menu, you can see or save logs and hardware info add or remove images, etc.

TinyCore File Menu

In the Actions menu is where you can access and run our software either by using arrow keys or keyboard shortcuts.


In our TinyCore version of Hex Editor disk sectors can be observed, and if required – edited.

TinyCore HexEditor

With the TinyCore version of Partition Recovery, as with the regular version, you can also scan for deleted volumes and partitions and recover them.

Scan for deleted volumes and partitions

TinyCore Partition Recovery

TinyCore Partition Recovery

TinyCore Disk Image allows performing various sorts of backups (Disk to Image and Cloning), as well as recovery of the backed-up drive

TinyCore and DiskImage

TinyCore KillDisk is our good old KillDisk with all the necessary features required for successful data sanitation. All our sanitation methods are there, wiping and deleting data, as well as Certificate customization.

TinyCore and KillDisk

TinyCore and KillDisk


TinyCore is a welcomed addition to LSoft’s family of bootdisks. If you are in the need of a standard Windows-based bootdisk but also want to have your options open with a minimalist Linux-based OS then Active@ BootDisk Console (TinyCore) is what you may want to consider when planning your next bootdisk. If there’s one thing you should be certain of is that due to its minimalist design, it has very low hardware requirements. Therefore even decades-old computers should be able to run it effortlessly.

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