Active@ Data Studio Review

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon a great bundle of software on the internet. A year later, I'm still using this software on a weekly basis and am bringing you a series of reviews on the software. The bundle I am reviewing, developed by LSoft Technologies Inc., is called Active@ Data Studio.


Active@ Data Studio is marketed as a collection of disk utility software, with "All Disk Tools in One Package!". This bundle is a composition of LSoft's core software, designed for a variety of disk utility purposes, thrown together and sold as a package.

The bundle includes:

  • Active@ Boot Disk - For System Recovery Purposes
  • Active@ Data Burner - CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner
  • Active@ Disk Image - Hard Drive Image & Backup Software
  • Active@ Disk Monitor - Monitor hard drive health
  • Active@ File Recovery - Powerful Data Recovery Software
  • Active@ Hex Editor - Advanced Disk Editor(Hex Viewer)
  • Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Disk, HDD/USB Disk Eraser
  • Active@ Partition Recovery - Partition Recovery Software
  • Active@ Password Changer - Password Recovery for Windows

Most of this software is self-explanatory in what it does, and as you can see, this package offers a wide range of uses, doing things on your computer that seemed impossible to do without a specialist.

Quick Description

Of the software included in this package, I must say that at the heart of this bundle are Active@ File/Partition Recovery, Active@ KillDisk, Active@ Boot Disk and Active@ Disk Image. These programs are what you're really paying for when you purchase this bundle.

I'll delve into more in-depth reviews on these programs later, but I must say that, a year later, I'm still using some of this software regularly.

In short, these programs can recover deleted files and data; completely wipe a disk from any data, without any possibility of recovery; create reliable backups of your computer and transform a USB into a bootable disk, from which you can start up your computer and do whatever you want from there.

Bottom Line

Overall, I would highly recommend this bundle of software to anyone that knows what they're doing with a computer and would like to expand the functionality of their computer, especially with regards to disk utility. Check out my reviews of the individual software programs included in this package to get a better idea of what you're getting when you purchase Active@ Data Studio.