Digitally signed PDF certificate & Built-in Web Service in KillDisk Industrial Software 5.0

Two more novelties that came with KillDisk Industrial 5.0 are options to digitally sign your PDF certificate (and even encrypt it!) and a Web Service that will enable you to access KillDisk Industrial from the browser or just locally from LAN.

Digitally signed PDF certificate

So far KillDisk Industrial software has sported an option of saving data deletion certificate in PDF format with certain customizations (logo, signature, etc). However, having in mind the integrity of the data deletion process, we at LSoft Technologies Inc. have developed and added an option to digitally sign a deletion certificate which will disable any changes to the original. This means that if anyone wants to tinker around the newly created certificate he will be unable to do any of that.

The new security measure also comes with encryption which means that only a selected few can see the PDF which will now be saved in PFX format (also known as PKCS #12). This feature provides a top-to-bottom security approach leaving no loose ends in between, ensuring that the certificate’s integrity is un.

Built-in Web Service

In short, Web Service is a feature that enables the user to monitor and run KillDisk Industrial Software 5.0 from the web or the Local Area Network from an ordinary web browser from any device without the need to install any additional software or plugins.

In a built-in Web Service, the user can run and stop user HDD deletion. He can also examine disk bays (the user can limit the amount of examined area of the hard disk drive in percentages), access Event Journal (database where all events about batches and individual HDDs are stored), see Output (console mode) and System Information (Software and Hardware). Reports for any of the previous features can be exported in CSV format including PDF/PFX certificates.

Web Service can be accessed using any device from a browser, be it Desktop, tablet, or even a cell-phone. Whether you are just a few feet away from the workstation or on the other side of the world you can access KillDisk Industrial and monitor its progress with ease. This feature will provide additional flexibility for the technicians and engineers who will not be forced to babysit throughout the whole deletion process but can spend their time more efficiently doing something else elsewhere.

Built-in Web Service is not mandatory and completely optional. If need be, Web Service can be turned off at any time with a simple click.